Hidden Facts about Highlighters


We know that Highlighter has always been a significant player in the beauty world. If you scroll on Instagram or watch YouTube makeup tutorials, you will change your heart. Many of the beauty bloggers and makeup artists are using a highlighter in ways we did not know exist.

L’Oreal Paris celebrity makeup artist Sir John says Best Highlighter “makes your skin dance in the light.” There are a plethora of traditional ways to wear highlighter. You can consider all these mentioned below professional tips on how you can get the most from your next application.

  • Apply a cream highlighter before foundation – All you have to gently rub the cream highlighter on your face parts like temples, forehead, down the tip of the nose and under the brow bone. In this way, your foundation will help you to look more natural.
  • Create your liquid eyeliner or add a shimmery finish to your lip gloss – To have a more precise application, the shimmering powder is advised.
  • Look well-rested – Apply the Best Highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. It will help your eyes look more awake and brighter.
  • The illusion of fuller lips – Placing highlighter above the upper lip creates fullness. Moreover, it will make you feel different from others.
  • Can be used on your body – Usually celebrity makeup artists often use highlights on the tibia or shinbone and thighbone of their female clients when they are wearing leg-exposing outfits. This all can create a “dramatic nighttime glow” by using a cream highlighting stick like the enhance click with your fingers on the collarbones and center of the shoulder.
  • Use it as an eye shadow and primer – Actually, there has not been any Best Highlighter which can be used as an eye shadow. So the shimmering effect will make you to look great on the high points of the face, but also as a shimmery nighttime eye shadow on the lid, or to highlight right under the brow bone.

These are the facts which one should be aware of if she is fond of wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis. As every professional makeup artist uses such tips to create an enchanting looks with the help of Best Highlighter.